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  1. saglover

    The confidence of an Aries man amazes and definitely attracts me to them always.Same with Sag and Leo men.I just never get enough of these fire signs.Dated a Scorpio man once but he was so quick to get angry and more sensitive than l was.Im cancerian but I just can’t stand the sensitivity of the Pisces and Scorpio men.I love that when I’m with Aries or Sag i feel so confident and independent not clingy at all.I actually enjoy how they chase me with so much enthusiasm lol.It just becomes a chasing game I never want to end coz it’s just amazing .Oh well.I just wish other cancer women can play the hard to get game with these men and they will worship the ground you walk on lol .These boys just want a good traditional chase.Laugh at their aggressiveness when they pursue you and run and even faster and they will keep chasing.Always come up with new things to do in the bedroom and outside like a weekend away for two.Go partying together socialise a bit more with your friends while they are away so you won’t nag them when you feel lonely.Its just an amazing life with these men.Make them a little jealous once in while ..

  2. I don't think so!

    I totally don’t agree with this. My Aries man was very self centered, selfish and had serious anger issues. When he decided to divorce after 18 yrs he didn’t even talk about it first. He wasn’t protective, the only handling of the court process was to benefit himself, canceled bank accounts, spent a lot of our money on himself, didn’t care if our son had a place to live and food to eat, much less me. He was terrible.

  3. Am Cancerian and am engaged with an Aries man, at first d relationship seems perfect like made in heaven, right now am beginning to av a rethink cos he hardly makes me happy, we fight and argue a lo, he doesn’t get his priorities right with me. He’s been selfish lately. Am having a second thought if I truly wanna move further in dis relationship. We’ve dated for 2 1/2 years now.

  4. my aries man is loyal to me unlike another aries i know. me, i’m glad we are know each other to give each other space to be alone. im cancer but eh unfit to me but my rich imagination lol

  5. Leah

    Married to an Aries for 21 1/2 years. Recently divorced! He cheated (more than once I might add)and after trying for 5 & 1/2 years after I found out about the last one I can prove, I had to call it quits. He became very mean and physical with me once he knew there was no way of fixing the relationship. There is so much truth to this post in the fact that he will be protective and help with things in the end. He give me way more than I ever expected. and is still helping me with things. But we fought a lot about petty things. He could never let anything go. Always bringing up past arguments and who started it and why. Totally exausting!! I’m 2 months out and at peace finally.. Good luck to anyone that attracts an Aries. I’m glad mine is done!!!

  6. Loura

    This is really the very first time I found article about relationship blessing for cancer and arie. Water and Fire, so different, combination is never meant to work out. I didn’t believe it untill I tried. Oh, what a man! Macho baby! Had drive me crazy with constant fights, arguments over same things over and over again. Needy for attantion, affection, and sex. There are 2 types of Aries men: one type cheating all the time another is very devoted one. I got loyal one. But regardless of this they are known to be assholes with big mouth, that’s Aries initial nature;)

    • admin

      They are water and fire, but both signs being cardinal gives them a common orientation which I think helps drive the relationship. They may have different elemental natures, but they can get on the same page which is important for taking a relationship through time.

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